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She took the vaccine. Jair Bolsonaro's office later released a statement clarifying that members of the delegation were required to get tested for COVID before flying back to Brazil and Michelle Bolsonaro was asked during the test if she wanted to get immunized as well. The Brazilian president has continually derided COVID vaccines, baselessly claiming that they could cause a myriad of side effects.

Since attending the U. General Assembly, four members of his delegation have tested positive for COVID , including his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, who disclosed that he had received at least one dose of a vaccine. Other members of the presidential delegation like health minister Marcelo Queiroga and finance leader Pedro Duarte Guimaraes have also stated that they were fully or partially vaccinated and contracted the virus. The Times noted that news of Michelle Bolsonaro's immunization was not received well by the Brazilian public, with many lambasting the lack of solidarity between the presidential couple and others seeing her decision to get vaccinated in the U.

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Brazil woman nude live chat

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