Looking for an epal

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Become an ePal. All Status. Sort by. You want to play hide and seek with hilichurls? You want to troll in domains? Then hit me up! I'm Ornella, fav chracters are mona and albedo. Heyo lets explore togetherrr. Hi, my name is Cynthia! I'm a Diluc main that's currently AR We can either do some domains or fight some bosses together!

Hi there! My name is Claudio and i'm very excited to this site! I would really love to play with someone that loves the things that i do! Ireally do love genshin impact and i can help you with my service to improve your build, beat some boss or just hanging around the map for things that might help you! Not trying to sound l e w d, but I'd let you lie on my lap while listening to your problems. That Music Dude. Yo,the name's ilia,i've been playing genshin for a couple of weeks and i think i 've got the hang of it but im still not that good.

I'd love to play with anyone,help you level up,clear some bosses and have some fun while doing it. Free to talk here or on discord ;3. Cirella's Hunt. Quite enjoying this game since im a huge fan of Zelda and played Breath of the Wild as well. Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Names Tan, Old genshin player will help you with farming and roaming pretty much anything but most importantly will emotionally support you while slaying hilichurls and slimes.

Clearing dungeons less than a min if everything goes according to plan :P -Fast Response-. My name is Kathy and I've been playing Genshin Impact since it came out. I have many 5 stars and I grind all day! Soo let's do some bosses and dungeons together. Hi my nick is Doser and i play Genshin since its realease with couple short breaks.

Im an AR55 player and still stuck at eternal grinding. If u need help with something, or just looking for company , feel free to HMU. Hey there. I love Genshin impact, and I'd love to play it with you. Feel free to hit me up. Hi I am Seren, GI is really fun and the sceneries are so beautiful I'm currently AR I can carry any content and am pretty knowledgeable about the game. Hit me up if you wanna run some domains, bosses, or just wanna chat!

Hey there! I spend a good amount of all my time invested into Genshin Impact. If you need anyone to show you the ropes, farm with you, or just chat about the game, feel free to hit me up! I mostly like to play as support but my main is xiao. I'm down to help you in any domains or bosses :.

Looking for an epal

email: [email protected] - phone:(854) 326-9182 x 6666

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