Love in redgrave

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By Zorianna Kit , Reuters Life! The film is about a young woman, played by Amanda Seyfried, who goes on a quest to reunite two elderly lovers -- played by Redgrave and her real-life husband Franco Nero -- who are referenced in a dated letter she finds while vacationing in Italy. Academy Award-winner Redgrave, 73, spoke to Reuters two days before the death of her sister Lynn Redgrave about the similarities between herself and her character, Claire, in the film that opens on May Q: When one thinks of Vanessa Redgrave of the famous Redgrave dynasty, a Hollywood teen romance is not exactly the type of movie genre that first comes to mind.

Why do it? At that time, it was very much post-war. The school I went to organized a trip for six girls and we all went together for 10 days with a chaperone. Q: Did you fall in love on that trip, like Claire did? I actually did fall in love with a much older man in one of the cities we visited.

There were some beautiful scenes that we did together. The one where we finally meet up -- that was super. They have their own confidence and their own doubts. My generation -- and this comes into play in the movie -- was completely bound by notions that the most you might do is kiss before getting married.

And yes, I believe in love. I think people get a lot of very idealized images from the media about what true love is. Apart from your family, I think you can only find true love over the years. Q: Speaking of family, this past year has been a difficult one with the loss of you daughter Natasha, 45, and your brother Corin, How have you held up? I can only say this: I know how I feel and I know the rest of the family feels that we all had a very special gift in my eldest daughter and my brother.

Obviously we miss them terribly but we try to keep our minds on what a gift their life and their love was. Entertainment News Updated. Editing by Bob Tourtellotte and Patricia Reaney.

Love in redgrave

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Vanessa Redgrave's True Love on Film In “Letters To Juliet”