Professional guy looking for a quickie

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If so-called normal sex should last somewhere between 10 minutes to a half hour, how long should the TL;DR equivalent of boinking last? To find out, we gathered a range of different responses, ranging from redditors to a sexologist to a porn historian. Sunny Rodgers , clinical sexologist and ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association : Essentially, a quickie is meant to be a speedy tryst that can relieve stress and satisfy desires. This topic was so interesting to me that I had to reach out to a handful of male clients immediately.

In my mind, the anticipation of a quickie can make the need for extended foreplay unnecessary. Therefore, I feel a quickie should be just till orgasm, which for many men is 2 to 3 minutes after sex play insertion. But interestingly enough, most men I spoke with felt that a quickie should last longer than what I had imagined. Many felt a quickie consisted of sex play lasting between 5 to 10 minutes. And something that was mentioned again and again was where a quickie should take place. Bathrooms, cars and private spots in public places were mentioned frequently.

In my mind, a quickie is when you forgo the foreplay and try to pound it out ASAP. The spirit of a quicky is that you do the barebones to get the job done. The time element is definitely a qualifier, but not the only factor. I think anything below 5 minutes can qualify as a quickie though.

Should we? Of course we should! Morning quickies are the best, IMO. Ivan Puba , adult film director and co-owner of Puba Network : In my mind, a quickie can be anything that lets that fire loose for a few seconds or minutes. As for a quickie scene, this is all too familiar with content shoots.

Just go and fuck and I will record it. Zoompowko , redditor: Thirty seconds… 31 if I really try. Like most interpersonal social interactions, meaning has more to do with what we as humans have attached to specific scenarios. How long do you have? More Stories from MEL.

Professional guy looking for a quickie

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