Sexy chat with Hamilton summerfest

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I have a really personal question to ask you. Is it weird? It makes it so much better. This makes the orgasm explode. Something or someone else restricting my breathing is not cool. I have trauma from that sort of abuse. A lot of people do it to varying degrees without thinking about it.

Short periods of breath holding can be one typical physiologic response to sexual stimulation. You can become aroused and are able to orgasm without holding your breath. No need to seek therapy for your penchant to breathe a little less. Breath holding le to temporary hypoxia meaning low oxygen levels , which intensifies your experience in a couple of ways.

When the body is low on oxygen, it redirects most of your blood into the abdominal and pelvic cavities, which increases engorgement of the genitals, causing them to be even more sensitive than usual. This rerouting of the blood means less for the brain, causing lightheadedness which often produces out-of-body type feelings, maybe even giving you the feeling of floating or falling. Breath holding and actively bearing down often go hand-in-hand as well. Seeing stars and feeling woozy are pretty dramatic symptoms of hypoxia.

When people ignore those warning s, the next stage of hypoxia is loss of consciousness. Yup, you could pass out. If that happens, you can decide if you want to push the breath holding that far again in the future. That way if you do faint, you minimize the risk of hitting your head or other injury. You seem to be pretty aware of your body and its needs. This creates the opportunity for injury and bruising and increases the risks substantially.

Additionally, applying pressure to the neck can cause swelling in the lips and tongue, which can then obstruct the airway. And because bruising and swelling happen slowly over a period of time, it can take a while to see the extent of the damage. This can lead to seizures, strokes, cardiac arrest and other serious problems. Curious about cunnilingus? Anxious about anal? Do you have questions about queefs or problems with your prostate?

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Sexy chat with Hamilton summerfest

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