That would look good on you

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It's all about your skin's undertones. Incorporating more color into your wardrobe might seem overwhelming and near-impossible at first, but the truth is it's pretty easy. Of course, there are no "rules" to fashion — you can literally wear whatever colors you'd like, and we bet you'll look darn good in them, too. That being said, identifying which colors best flatter your specific skin tone can help you stand out in a crowd and radiate from the inside out.

It's easy to wear black, but color can be so beautiful. Just like with makeup and hair, the key to finding your most flattering colors starts with skin tone, or rather, skin undertone , which can be grouped into three : warm, cool, and neutral. To make it simple, we asked stylists to break things down for us and reveal which skin tones look best with certain colors — and how to figure out which group we belong to in the first place. But remember, take these suggestions with a grain of salt. What matters is that you wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Has a greenish or yellowish aka golden undertone.

Olive complexions also fall in the warm category, says Eiseman. Is yellow gold. According to fashion stylist Britt Theodora , the type of jewelry you instinctively gravitate towards might be telling of your skin's tone. If you feel yellow gold looks best on your skin, you probably have a warmer skin tone, she says.

LA-based fashion and celebrity stylist Philippe Uter tells InStyle that he associates warm skin tones with warm colors, like orange, yellow, or even gold. He adds that bright colors also make the perfect match, while Theodora says that natural earth tones such as browns, deep tonal reds, and rich shades of green look great as well.

As far as Uter is concerned, there aren't really any colors warmer skin colors should avoid. Has a bluish undertone. This group can also range from very fair to very dark, Eiseman tells InStyle. According to Theodora, those in the cool group tend to prefer silver, rose gold, or a mix of both. Cooler tones look fantastic in charcoal, cool blues, and violet, says Theorodra. However, Uter adds that you might want to keep in mind that strong colors can make cool skin tones look paler. Uter's biggest no-no when it comes to dressing cooler skin tones are too bold, strong colors, such as electric blue or green grass.

Eiseman warns against wearing oranges and yellows. Is hard to determine. Eiseman tells InStyle that if you're a neutral skin tone, you really can't tell if you're warm or cool. Is a combination of colors, according to Eiseman. Think blonde with ashy streaks or brown with warmer tones. Is hazel. Most neutrals have hazel eyes, which tend to change depending on what color they wear, Eiseman tells InStyle. According to Theorodra, neutral tones look great in neutral colors, so stick with shades that fall in the middle of the color spectrum. Still, if your goal is adding more pizzazz to your wardrobe than white, beige, and taupe can offer, Eiseman suggests gravitating towards shades of light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, peony pink, placid blue, jade green, and cameo green.

Reds, yellows, and anything too bright or vibrant that can overwhelm are typically a no-go for neutral skin tones, Eiseman tells InStyle. If you do decide to wear yellow, she says, try a soft version like cornsilk or buff. Save Pin FB More. Credit: Ernesto S. Credit: Getty Images. Ranges from dark brown to dark blonde, Eiseman tells InStyle. Ranges from very dark blue-black or a deep brown to light blonde, says Eiseman. By Samantha Sutton. ByAndrea Cheng. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

That would look good on you

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